Jumat, 28 Agustus 2015

colored contact lenses for cosplay

colored contact lenses for cosplay For those of you who are light-skinned or white, you can choose bright colors such as blue, turquoise, violet color to the lure. You should not hesitate to experiment with bold colors for the eyes look dramatic.

Skin moderate (medium skin)
For those of you who skinned medium (including the category of brown to yellow-complexioned), you can choose the color contact lenses are more natural as gray and yellow honey. Bright colors can still be a better choice, but choose one that gives color matching and looks more natural.

Dark skin (dark skin)
The latter is a type of skin color dark skin. For those of you who are dark-skinned, brown and gray could be an attractive option because it gives the impression of warm skin. Do not choose a contact lens color is too bright and excessive makeup on the eyes so that the eyes look more natural but still prominent.

Softlens color you choose will affect your beauty, however, you also must not overlook some aspects in choosing contact lenses, among others:

Choosing the Appropriate Form Softlens Eyes
Softlens certainly have various shapes and are always updated according to the latest trend. But should you choose contact lenses that conforms to the shape of your eyes. Reference is the shape of the cornea and the size of your eyeballs. You should consult with a physician when choosing a contact lens that suits your eye shape.